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If you have your own personal or business blog, you can publish Instagram photos in the posts you write daily.

Suppose you have a fashion blog, you could write a post dedicated to style tips and choose Instagram posts to show photos of the clothes, shoes and accessories in line with the editorial content.

Over time, more consumers and potential customers will start visiting your blog and will be more likely to follow your Instagram account. You can get more free Instagram followers.

This is a small medium-long term strategy that helps you increase followers and increase the number of visitors to your blog / site.

Incorporate Instagram posts into your blog right from the start: this will allow you to immediately increase your visibility on the Social and obtain interesting earnings.

Follow users who like competitors’ posts

To increase followers on Instagram you need to follow users who love competing brands. Monitor their posts to see what they comment and start interacting with them. Don’t be afraid!

Keep in mind that when choosing the competition on Instagram it is better to turn to the “smaller” brands.

Because? For example, if you sell makeup and try to get Sephora customers to follow you, there is a good chance that your strategy will fail right away. Big brands can easily build customer loyalty.

If your competitor has 100,000 fans, not all of them might be so loyal to the competitor, so take action and follow the post comments carefully.

Interact and try to reply to a comment, in the end you will be able to “magnetize” the interest of users who will be very inclined to follow your Instagram account. Instagram auto liker without login will benefit you.

Collaborate with Influencers

Another good strategy to increase Instagram followers to get Instagram followers is to make Influencers collaborate with your brand or store.

Try to sign a contract with Influencer that undertakes to post the best photos with the products you sell. In addition, set a commission on sales that is interesting and attracts the interest of the Influencer, who will be incentivized to increase your Followers.

Pay attention to the use of hashtags

Many experts recommend putting only 5 or 11 hashtags on the Instagram account, but in fact it is not the best strategic tactic ever.

A winning strategy to increase Followers to 200k is to insert more or less 30 hashtags : as the number of followers increases more and more, your posts reach a good ranking thanks to the use of hashtags that attract and ensure you even more visibility .

If you choose niche hashtags , you will increase the possibility of being followed by an audience as interested and passionate about your Instagram content.

So, avoid generic hashtags like #love or #picoftheday if your goal is to win followers interested in the fashion industry.

Buy Instagram Followers

A very last strategy to increase Instagram Followers is to buy them. To increase your popularity and to improve your presence on Instagram, buy Followers, Likes and Views. You can buy followers directly from our site.

By purchasing Instagram followers and Likes you can show followers and interactions, improving your image or that of your business. This would be the answer about how to get 1k followers on Instagram in 5 minutes.

Once you have purchased the package, you will be sent an automatic email confirming your purchase. Within a few hours you will receive a second email, with the initial count of the profile that will be increased and the confirmation of the start of the increase campaign.

Trust the best Instagram Follower sales services with stable and real profiles and also see this article on how it works to buy followers for your profile from us.

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