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Your Guide Tracking the Right KPIs for SEO Marketing Success

Have you checked your report card?

We are not talking about the report card your mom had to sign. No, we are talking about your business report card. The report card only you can sign.

We are talking about KPIs for SEO.

Chances are you have invested a lot into your marketing. But are your efforts yielding results? Are you tracking the right KPIs for SEO?

Continue reading below to find out exactly which KPIs you need to track for your SEO efforts.

Why You Should Track Your Marketing KPIs

Knowing which key performance indicators to track will help you know where to exert your effort and most importantly if your SEO investments are giving you returns.

Tracking the right KPIs for SEO is an ingredient that empowers your marketing strategy. You don’t want to be throwing punches in the dark, especially where your investment is concerned. So, knowing which indicators to track will provide you with a better aim.

Organic Traffic

This refers to the visitors coming to your site from search results. Organic traffic from search engines like Google provides a direct link between your SEO efforts and results and you can check blogger outreach service, making this one of the most important KPIs to track.

You want to know that you are getting clicks for your targeted keywords. Knowing if you need to improve organic traffic hinges on tracking this metric.

Tracking your organic traffic can go as far as tracking your search ranking and search visibility.

Search ranking denotes your level on the search page. Of course, you want to be on the first page, but you cannot get on there without knowing how far you are from the first page.

While search visibility marks the search impressions you are getting for your targeted keywords. It is not about the clicks but rather about how many people can see your page as they are browsing or even Googling.

Backlink Growth

You want to have authoritative websites backing you up, and that is the ground for backlinking. You don’t want your five-year-old backing your loan application. In the same breath, you don’t want low-quality links backing up your content.

You need to track the quality status of every website you want to earn a link from. The right backlinking strategy can help improve your search engine ranking.

And using SEO tracking software can help you know which sites you should be linking to and help you know your backlink growth.

Keyword Ranking

Another metric to track is your keyword ranking. Though very similar to your search visibility and organic traffic, this is a very different metric. Your keyword ranking refers to how well you are ranking for a particular keyword.

Example? One of your keywords is ice cream shops in Dallas. Your keyword ranking would be your place on the SERPs for these particular keywords.

It is important to remember that your page can rank for several other keywords. So you want to track all of these keywords as well for a complete guide.

KPIs for SEO Tracking

As a marketing professional, you want to track indicators that help improve your strategy. And though these are not the only KPIs for SEO you can track, they are sure to help you boost your marketing strategy.

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