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Your Lottery Guide: How to Check Your Virginia Lottery Results

For some of the major lottery jackpots, the odds of winning are astronomical. If you are trying to win the Powerball, the odds are only 1 in over 300 million chances of winning. Talk about a long shot!

Luckily, the odds of winning a state lottery, like the Virginia lottery, are much more in the player’s favor. If you like to play the state lottery, you probably want to know how you can easily check your numbers to see if you won big.

Here is a quick guide on how you can check the Virginia lottery results to see if you are a lucky winner.

Check Your Winnings Online

By far, the easiest way to check your lottery numbers to see if you won the Virginia lottery is to check online. Just search for the drawing date and winning numbers and voila! You should find the lottery numbers pretty easily.

Always go to an official source and never provide a picture of your ticket to any online source. Lottery scams are common and you need to be vigilant about falling victim to one, especially if you have the correct numbers.

Check Your Lotto Winnings in Person

Another easy way to check if you won big on the state lottery is to take your ticket into a place that sells lottery tickets and have them check in person. They will scan your ticket and instantly let you know if you are a winner. If the winning prize is high enough, you will have to go either in-person to the state lottery office to cash in your ticket or mail it in.

Best Time of Day to Check Your Virginia Lottery Results

Lottery results usually take at least a few minutes to update online or if you go in person. Wait to refresh your phone or your web browser until a few minutes after the drawing has occurred.

Some people don’t like the pressure of finding out right away, or they simply forget due to the busyness of their days. It is easy for someone like this to go back and check all the drawings from the previous week all at once. Or, you might forget and check the next day after the drawing is announced.

If this sounds like you, checking the midday numbers could be your best tool. You can check your latest numbers for the Virginia Pick 4, plus the last six sets of winning lottery numbers. Talk about easy!

Want to Learn More Tips for Playing the Lottery?

Some people play the lottery just to dream about what they would do if they win – surprisingly, they don’t even care about the money! But if you are someone who is playing to win some cold, hard cash, you want to know how to check your Virginia lottery results quickly.

Hopefully, you now know how to easily check your lottery numbers, plus a few things to avoid. If you are curious about other tips when it comes to playing the lottery, be sure to follow along for more articles.

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