10 ways to Keep Your Hair Healthy in Summer

10 ways to Keep Your Hair Healthy in Summer

Summer seems like the perfect season for many people because it’s finally warm, you don’t have to wear a ton of clothes, and it feels like more fun. However, summer also brings many dangers, including UV rays and saltwater that can damage your hair. While more and more people are wearing sunscreen during the warmer seasons, just a few care about protecting their hair. If you’re not one of them, your perfect hairstyle can lose its shine and softness in just a few weeks into summer. Fortunately, it’s not challenging to prevent sun- and water-induced stress. Our friends over at gave us several tips that can help you keep your hair healthy during hot summer days.

Stay Out Of The Sun

Hair is fragile and it can get damaged by both UV rays and saltwater. It’s advisable to try to avoid being in direct sunlight as much as possible. If you still want to enjoy the outdoors and be outside, you can still protect your hair from the sun with a hat. A wide-brimmed hat is the best way to shield your hair from the sun. You can also wear a long-sleeved shirt with a wide neckline to cover the exposed skin on your neck.

Avoid Salt Water

While it’s great to enjoy a refreshing swim in the sea, it can be dangerous for your hair. Saltwater dries out hair and it can damage the cuticle, making hair look dull and dry. It can also cause hair to break easily because of its weakened structure. Make sure that you try to avoid saltwater when you’re swimming or going for a dip in the ocean. If you do decide to go into the ocean, you can protect your hair by wearing a swim cap.

Use Shampoo For Color-Treated Hair

Summer doesn’t only make hair more susceptible to damage from UV rays. The saltwater can also cause color treatments to be stripped out of the hair. The good news is that there are shampoos specifically made for color-treated hair. These shampoos have ingredients that protect the color, so the color won’t fade away when exposed to saltwater or UV rays.

Use Conditioner

You want to make sure to use a conditioner after shampooing your hair. The sun, saltwater, and UV rays can dry out your hair so you want to add moisture back by using a conditioner. A conditioner helps to smooth out hair and reduce frizziness, so your hairstyle will continue looking smooth and healthy.

Use Heat Protector

Summer makes it hard to maintain healthy hair because of how humid it is outside during these hot months. Humidity can cause hair to frizz, so you might want to avoid using heat on your hair if you don’t want it to become dry and brittle. However, if you want to tame those curls or bangs or get rid of frizz, you can still do so by using a heat protector on your hair before styling it with heat tools such as blow-dryers or flat irons.

Ease Up On Oil Treatments

If you have dry hair, summer is probably not the best season for you because the hot air can make it worse. Unless your hair is naturally oily, you might want to avoid oil treatments altogether during summer because they can make the oil glands overproduce oil even more. This will result in greasy hair, which is definitely not ideal for summer.

Spritz With Hairspray & Sunscreen

Hairspray and sunscreen are two products that can help keep your hairstyle intact longer so it won’t get damaged by the sun or saltwater as much. You can apply some hairspray after setting your hairstyle with styling products such as pomade or wax, then gently spray it with sunscreen before heading outside to prevent UV rays from damaging your hair further.

Avoid Hot Tools On Wet Hair

Even if you have used a heat protector before styling your hair with a blow-dryer or flat iron, you should resist the temptation to use heated appliances on wet hair since they can still dry out the cuticle layer of your locks, causing them to become brittle and break easily. Instead of blow-drying or straightening while your hair is still wet, it’s better to let it dry naturally first before styling it with heat tools. Style it with your fingers or use a diffuser instead of a blow-dryer or flat iron.

Use Detangling Spray

When you take a shower at the end of a long day, your hair can be tangled and knotted. You might want to use a wide-tooth comb to get rid of knots, but it’s better to use a detangling spray after showering instead. This product can help to prevent further damage to your hair by removing the knots just as well as a comb can. It also doesn’t break strands or cause painful pulling like some combs do.

Use Leave-In Conditioner

If you want to tame your frizzy locks and make your hair shiny again, you need to find a leave-in conditioner that can moisturize and nourish your hair. Leave-in conditioners can be great in summer because they add moisture to your hair and last all day!


Summer is a great season for many people, especially those who love being outdoors. Those warm months only last a little while, so of course, most people want to spend days on the beach and soaking up the sun. However, summer also brings some threats to our hair like UV rays and saltwater. If you don’t want your hair to be damaged by sun and saltwater there are many things you can do to protect your locks. While investing in these products may cost you a little at the beginning of summer, the permanent damage you will sustain to your hair without them will end up costing you a lot more at the salon. If you can avoid the sun and sea, that would be best, but you really want to go have a day of fun on the beach then you should follow these tips and use the right products to keep your hair healthy during summer.

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