5 Reasons why you should get An ELD Device for you fleet in 2022?

5 Reasons why you should get An ELD Device for you fleet in 2022?

ELDs are more commonly known as Electronic Logging Devices. They are attached to the vehicle’s engine and track the driver’s activity, driving hours, and the RoDS (record of duty status). The ELD monitors a vehicle’s engine for information like the engine’s status, vehicle’s movement, distance, and the duration of the operation.

The Electronic Logging Device directly communicates with the vehicle’s engine control unit (ECU). Then, the ELD records the received information from the ECU. The ELD then stores this information on a server where the controller can view the data using software or other applications.

Who Needs To Use ELDs?

Anyone who requires to file a Record of Duty Stats or needs to keep hours of service records requires ELDs. You must especially use an ELD if you have eight or more days of duty status logs within 30 days. Including :

  • Drivers employed in the United States Of America.
  • Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) drivers
  • Vehicles weighing more than 1,001 lbs and vehicles with hazmat loads.
  • Owner-operators.

Some CMVs and drivers do not need to use an ELD. These exceptions are:

  • Short-haul drivers.
  • Drivers using vehicle models older than the year 2000.
  • Drivers for agricultural, farm, and livestock.
  • Driveaway / towing operation when the commercial vehicle is a product.

All other commercial vehicles and trucks should use an ELD. To learn more about ELD exemptions, visit here.

5 Reasons Your Fleet Needs An ELD In 2022

As of June 12, 2021, all Canadian and US fleets have switched from AOBRD to ELD, which means the ELDs are here to stay. All fleets need to be ELD compliant, so why not make the most of your investment? The access to data becomes vast with the help of electronic logging.

Learning how to make better use of ELD data is worth the effort and even saves money. This article will help you study the importance of an ELD in fleet management. Here are five reasons to have the ELD technology in your fleet this year:


  • Ensure That The Driver Follows Best Practices – The efficiency of drivers is one of the main factors in a fleet management company. ELDs collect detailed information on your driver’s activity and their behavior on the road. After the electric logging devices collect their data, they analyze and identify the problematic drivers in your fleets within seconds. Identifying these drivers can also give you the opportunity of coaching them. ELDs are sharp and can monitor driving practices such as sudden braking, sudden cornering, and sudden acceleration. Such driving patterns can be threatening and lead to the increasing probability of liabilities and accidents. Monitoring the drivers can help in conserving fuel. It can also reduce the operating costs of the enterprise. You can kill two birds with one stone!
  • Installing ELDs Ensures Efficiency – We all know that time is money. Most drivers usually sit in the truck at some point in the day trying to log in. Not only is it a rough estimate of their day, but it also takes time. Improve driver time management by integrating ELDs with best fleet management solutions. For example, let’s say that the driver spends 20 minutes logging their day. Taking those 20 minutes and multiplying them by 260 workdays in a year (20 x 260 = 5,200). That equals 86.67 hours or 3.61 days of making more money! Now imagine what installing ELDs in your fleet can do. Not only will it save time but also make you more money.
  • Redirects Office Staff To More Urgent Matters – In most companies, someone collects driver logs and reviews them weekly to ensure that everything gets completed correctly. ELD allows you to access these logs quickly and easily. You no longer have to chase the driver or rush to log in. Improved log accuracy can also help reduce the chances of violations and fines. Reduce the employee’s hours or reassign them to other necessary duties supporting the company. ELD hardware setup and device management can be handled by different types of solutions on the market, saving fleets time and money in dealing with the process themselves.
  • Reduced Downtime And Streamlined Vehicle Inspection – A real-time feedback system for Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIRs) eliminates the need to search for reports and uncertainty about the completed inspection. In addition, electronic logs allow you to manage failures in real-time, reducing downtime from maintenance tasks. After your mechanic or a third-party maintenance company receives the finalized DVIR, they can discover the issues. They can determine whether the problem requires immediate action or not. In addition, you can pre-order the necessary parts before the vehicle arrives at the workshop. You can also order the items in advance before your truck arrives. You can reduce your time and money by this method.
  • Focus On Different Diagnostic Reports – Eyeing on the fault codes using ELDs is easy, and that’s why you need to keep your trucking rules strict. You will be alerted immediately when a fault is detected if you are a fleet manager. You will gain more freedom to monitor the functioning of your fleet and avoid accidents. When the ELD detects an error, the manager receives a real-time notification. As a result, the issues can be detected early, greatly simplifying maintenance. Fleet managers can analyze all available data and understand patterns by reviewing past code reports. They can then narrow down recurring issues and predict them in the future.


There are plenty more reasons why ELDs are essential to the steady growth of fleet management. Some other benefits include –

  • Improved safety of your drivers,
  • Maximizing customer satisfaction,
  • Maximizing uptime,
  • Changing the driver’s behavior,
  • Confirmed arrival schedules for customers, and
  • Electronic logging for routing.

Fleet managers can meet their specific needs by harnessing the incredible power of ELD data in different ways. If you are a fleet manager then you need to check out this comprehensive and well-research list of best ELDs curated to save your time. ELDs can make fleet managers more creative and accurate. Trucking will be a lot more efficient with electronic logging devices and fleet management softwares in the future. We hope that this article has been of great help. For more information like this, please visit our website!

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