5 Signs That You Should See Your Gynecologist

5 Signs That You Should See Your Gynecologist

A gynecologist can help you in treating female reproductive organ-related problems. They need to study for around 8 years before they can treat patients. If you are facing some problems related to female reproductive organs, then you might be thinking about visiting a gynecologist. In this article, we are going to tell you when to visit an ob-gyn.

When Should You See A Gynecologist?

You should visit a gynecologist once every year for an annual screening. Around the age of 21, you can start visiting a gynecologist for regular medical checkups. If you are having symptoms like vaginal pain, vulvar, abnormal bleeding, or pelvic, then you should immediately see a gynecologist. These are the top 5 signs that you should see a gynecologist.

  1.   You are experiencing burning or itchiness 

If you are feeling uncomfortable sensations like burning or itching, then you should visit your gyno. There are various things that can cause itching and burning. One of these things is STI or infection. 

Many women suffer from urinary tract infections (UTI). This can be solved partially by drinking a lot of cranberry juice and water. However, if your UTI is getting out of control, then it can lead to kidney infection. If you are experiencing itchiness after sex, then you might be allergic to the latex used in condoms. This is actually a very common problem.

Your gynecologist will help you in finding the root cause of the problem. Thus, you should visit your gynecologist if you are experiencing itchiness or burning.

  1. You are feeling extreme pain during periods 

Everyone hates periods. Symptoms like cramps, cravings, and mood swings are common during periods. However, some women can feel extreme pain during periods. If you are feeling extreme pain during periods, then you should visit your gynecologist. 

Sometimes this can happen due to fibroid. In this case, you need immediate treatment. If this is happening only due to periods, then your gynecologist will write a prescription. They can even help you in choosing birth control methods that can ease your pain.

  1. Your PMs are getting out of control 

Some women can experience intense cramping. You should track your emotions before and during your period. If you think that your emotions are heavily impacted during periods, then you might be suffering from PMDD or premenstrual dysmorphic disorder.

A gynecologist can help you in examining the situation. They can help you in determining if you are actually suffering from PMDD.

  1. You are bleeding in between periods 

Sometimes you can bleed a little between periods. This is known as spotting and is common. However, if you are bleeding more, then you should consider visiting a gynecologist. This can help you in determining if your spotting is normal or not. 

If your spotting becomes heavy, then it is usually a sign of cysts and infection. In rare cases, it can also indicate cancer. Thus, it is very important to visit a gynecologist if you are bleeding in between periods.

  1. You want to change your birth control

Not every birth control will work for you. There can be general preference like taking a pill every day v/s IUD implant. However, you can try new birth control. If you are experiencing mood swings, then you should consider changing your birth control. Some birth control methods are hormone-based. Thus, they are not good for everyone. A gynecologist can help you in finding the right birth control method for you.


You should consider getting an annual pelvic exam. This will ensure that your female reproductive organ is fine. If you are living in Rockwall Texas, then you can check out OB-GYN in Rockwall Texas. They will help you in examining your situation.


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