6 Best Accessories to Have During a Music Festival

Music festivals are epic summer events that lead to lifelong memories. Everyone and their grandma hopes to attend a music festival at least one time in their life. You’re not only looking forward to the great music, festival food, and the electric energy of the crowd but you’re also excited to show off your new looks that scream, “Music festival approved!” Here are the six best accessories to incorporate to help you create the most amazing outfits for an upcoming music festival!

1. Oversized Vintage Sunglasses

The start of cool sunglasses began in the 60s and has continued to unfold ever since. Whether you go with modern takes on classic sunnies or own a tried-and-true vintage pair to rock with slouchy boots, consider your sunglasses to be a staple of festival wear. Your sunglasses will not only add to any bohemian concert look you are sporting, but they will also be necessary given the super sunny forecast ahead for your music festival. Get a custom sunglasses with logo for your outdoor event coming up.

2. A Floppy Hat

When it rains or when the temperature drops during the night, make sure you have a floppy sun hat to keep you dry and warm. You lose the most heat from your extremities, so the right hat can do a world of good in keeping you comfortable while participating in the joy of a summer music festival. A floppy sun hat lets you enjoy rainy concerts without messing up your hair. Floppy hats are a total must-have accessory for summer concerts!

3. A Messenger Bag

Attending a music concert means you’ll be surrounded by tons of people. You’ll want to make sure that you have all of your belongings close by so that nothing gets stolen and so you can access anything you might need while keeping your hands free. Since it might rain during the festival, look for messenger bags made from weather-resistant fabrics.

4. Colorful Tall Socks

Many people wear socks with sandals or sneakers to music festivals to be comfortable and showcase their unique style. Have fun with colorful, tall socks that can be spotted from miles away! Coordinate the rest of your outfit to match your crazy socks for an even more compelling look. We suggest miniskirts and stockings for starters.

5. A Bandana Headband

Some music festival attire is just classic. Choose from traditional bandana colors like red and black, or be colorful and select rainbow tie-dyed options. Accessories like paisley bandanas are perfect to wear tied around your head, on your wrist, or around your belt loops. You might also tie one in your hair if you want a makeshift headband or ponytail. You’ll fit in with other festival goers as bandanas are a common way to add color and accessory for music festivals.

6. A Windbreaker Jacket

A light windbreaker jacket is a perfect accessory to tie around your waist once the evening sets in or cloudy weather starts. These jackets are lightweight, allowing you to move with ease while still preparing for rain showers or chilly evenings ahead of time. Windbreaker jackets are like the more stylish cousin of raincoats, and nobody wants to look like they just got off the Maid of the Midst at a music festival. Go for windbreaker jackets over raincoats every time!

Stand Out While Fitting In

Accessorizing for a music festival is all about unique and bold elements in your look. Whether you go with festival staples like oversized sunglasses and bandanas, or something more modern like messenger bags and windbreakers, you’ll stand out while still fitting in with the crowd of everyone else during your next music festival!

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