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Best Ways To Ask A Girl For Her Number In Person, Online

So you see a girl, you found her attractive and now you want to get her number? The common query comes to every boy’s mind how to ask a girl for her number? It happens when you don’t know what’s the right path to do that.

Mostly common but decline way to ask a girl to get her number is straightaway going to her and say ‘can  I get your number?’ and she sweetly replies you ‘No, I don’t know you’. ?

Whatever way you select one thing is for sure, you always need to be confident, polite, nice and be gentle to a girl. Confidence is the basic thing that is required to start a talk with a girl.

Clever Ways to Ask a Girl for Her Number In Person

Ask her for Some Address to Start the Conversation.

Go to the girl introduce yourself and ask for some food corner, park address or whatever you think is near. When she told you the location then ask another question which is ‘are you single?’ If she says yes then definitely a chance she will give you a number. Ask for her number like

  • Can I get your number for a coffee sometime?
  • Can we do hangout someday if she says ‘sure’ then ask ‘ok give me your number.’
  • I find you attractive would you like to spend some good time? If she says yes then ask ‘ok put your number in my phone’.
  • We had a party at home tonight would you like to come? If she says yes then ask him to give me your number I will send you the address.

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Ways to ask a girl for her number online

What important is to leave a good impression in the first message when it comes to asking her for a number online because if you don’t she even going to reply to you.

When it comes to online getting a number of girls all you have to win a girl trust. Here are the few things which everyone must follow if he really wants to get success and get her trust.

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Never Be Agile.

Well mostly boys do a mistake they ask a girl for a number in second or third chat. It is never ever going to happen in the 2nd or in the 3rd chart until you are super lucky.

The thing which you have to do is to take the girl at that comfort where she starts sharing her personal things; like her sister’s, brother’s name, age E.T.C.  Once she gets fully comfortable with you now the time to ask her for number; she will never refuse.

Create a Fun Environment.

Never ask boring things to a girl like how was the day? How was the weather? You need to look cool in your messages, for that creates a fun environment because everyone loves funny gossips.

Give Positive Compliments.

Every girl loves positive compliments. So, you all have to do to give good compliments on her picture which she posted online. You can post publicly or send her in private messages.

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A secret tip: Girls love to share good compliments about themselves with friends and other people. If you publicly do comment on her picture it will work much better.

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