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Best Ideas for a stunning modern bathroom design

7 Guidelines To Help You Choosing the Perfect Bathroom Basin

The bathroom is a place of relaxation and functionality which is why a modern design that provides comfort and all the amenities you need is of the utmost importance for any home. Regardless of the property type, whether it is a small apartment or a large family home, the perfect bathroom can be achieved by following a few core principles and clever style tips.

Below we have outlined some of our best ideas for a stunning bathroom design that the entire family will love.

Install two sink basins

Installing twin sink basins can be a great way to avoid any morning drama, with people queuing outside the bathroom door during the early rush hour. This is also a perfect option for his & her sinks in an en-suite bathroom. Also, you can consider shower screens that make your bathroom attractive andluxuryy.

A combined wet room and walk-in shower

A wet room/ walk-in shower combination is becoming increasingly popular for people who want space and style. These combinations help to prevent any risk of flooding and offer the best of both worlds, with minimal upkeep.

Recessed bathroom shelves and storage

Recessed shelves and alcoves provide a great way to save space and retain a minimalist style in your bathroom, removing clutter from the floor space and walls. This built-in storage not only looks great, but can be extremely handy, situated alongside the bath, or above the sink.

Think about the lighting

Lightning is vital when it comes to setting the mood of your bathroom and giving it a modern look and feel. A traditional, central light has become extremely outdated, and most new bathrooms adopt a layered lighting approach I.E. lighting behind, or around the mirrors, LED lights within recessed shelving, and lights installed beneath cabinets and fittings.

Many bathrooms now make use of smart technology, so lighting can be alternated to create different moods, for different activities. Dim, minimal lighting is perfect for a relaxing bathtime, whereas the room can be fully illuminated when using the mirror, all with just a simple tap or voice command.

Partial walls and screens to divide the room

Break up your bathroom to create designated ‘zones’ by installing partial walls and glass screens. This is especially useful if you plan to create a wet room area and want to avoid any splashing in the rest of the bathroom. Not only is this a practical idea, but it can also help to create a cozier feel in large bathrooms.

Install a freestanding bath

The bath is, of course, the focal point of the bathroom and a freestanding one can help achieve a real sense of luxury. Cast iron baths can be expensive and are extremely heavy, although they are obviously built to last, however, many modern bathtubs are made from lightweight acrylic and steel, while maintaining a high-quality look and good durability.

Colors and finishes

We’ve spoken about lighting, fittings, and installations so it’s now time to talk about the fun and creative part – colors and finishes.

Many people try to avoid bold colors in their bathrooms but an increasing amount of modern bathrooms are going against the grain and using sharp colors and shades to give their bathroom a larger appearance and added character. Blue, for example, has made a big comeback, giving the room a vibrant and aquatic atmosphere.

Waterproof wallpaper could also be used to incorporate patterns on a feature wall, or you could be even bolder with eccentric, art nouveau tiling.

Metallic finishes can be extremely stylish, whether it is copper brassware combined with bold colors or industrial steel paired with dark, contrasting colors. Some people are also going a step further and giving the bath itself a full copper effect finish.

If metal isn’t your thing, then a timber finish can also create a beautiful design, but make sure any wood used in the bathroom is fully treated and water-resistant. Wood paneling or timber cladding on walls can also have a warming effect on the room.

It is always recommended to employ the services of a professional when setting out on a major project. If you are based in California, then SOD Home Group can provide expert bathroom remodeling in Encino, San Jose, Irvine and San Francisco.

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