How to increase your brand and market presence through custom product packaging

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Whether it is medicine, food, a beverage, a skincare formula, or even a makeup product, each of these products is kept in some sort of packaging. There is more to packaging than being decoration for a product. A product container is all about the customer experience, and if you really want to captivate your buyers, enhancing this experience is your key to success. One way of doing that is the use of custom product packaging.

Humans depend on visuals to make quick buying decisions, especially when it comes to picking a product on a retail shelf. It means the design of your packaging can really influence a potential customer’s buying decision. Hence, it is crucial to pick the right designs, shapes, and materials to create eye catching boxes.

Often newly established brands struggle with creating the right custom product packaging which is the reason why we have created this packaging guide. We aim to help you increase your market and brand presence through your candle box packaging. So, let’s start, without further ado!

Before you start with the Designing Phase:

There are a few things that must be taken care of before we jump to the designing phase of your packaging. Before you get to pick designs, it is necessary to ask yourself a few important questions:

Who are your buyers?

Your target audience, whether it is a certain age group, gender, ethnicity, or race, that is to be kept in mind when creating your packaging. It should appeal to them in some way if you really want to boost sales.

What is the nature of the product?

The type of product you are selling will determine the type of packaging you’re going to use. For example, to pack glassware you will use stronger materials that keep the product safe from damage.

Where is your product being displayed?

Are you selling it in a retail store, a supermarket, or on an ecommerce website? There are different packaging requirements for selling products online, and in store.

Keeping it Simple

Brands tend to use vibrant color schemes combined with bold fonts with the aim of appealing to the customer. If that is what you were planning on doing too, stop right there! This is a common mistake of businessmen where they go for energetic colors and fonts. a simple design s far more practical when it comes to making sales and attracting buyers. This is because the retail shelf is already going to be full of bursts of color which can put neutral and simple designing to your advantage!

Avoid Excess Information

Packaging is one way of communicating with your customer. Through a reliable box, the aim of your brand, information about the product, and much more can be shown to a buyer. We understand that you want to put everything out there for your customers however that is not an ideal way to present your product to them. It is highly likely that they will not even read anything you have displayed on your box if it is confusing to read.

Do not put everything on the box of your product. When buyers are shopping, they want to make quick buying decisions. Considering this, they will not even read what is written on your box. In fact, if they find it difficult to infer, they might end up putting your product back on the shelf and picking your competitor’s item instead. That is a complete waste of all your efforts!

Use Touchy Graphics

One of the most effective business strategies is establishing an emotional connection with your customer. The use of emotional graphics is the best way of doing so. Your main aim as a business is to boost sales and build brand recognition which is why you need to use the right graphics which get potential customers rooted to the spot.

For example, if you are using sustainable materials and practices to manufacture your product, you could use graphics that relate to environmental pollution. Even a simple cartoon of a crying planet earth is enough to emotionally trigger environment enthusiasts. And the likelihood is, you will not just make them stop in their tracks, but you’ll also convince them to pick your product.

Lastly, Keep an Eye on your Competitors!

If you really want to make your presence known in the market, it is important to watch over what your competitors are up to. We are not saying you should go and copy what they’re doing, but it is a good idea to keep in touch with their progress. This can help you plan your next move, and in this case, design better packaging.

When it comes to picking designs for custom product packaging, you must make sure it enhances your brand image rather than damaging it!


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