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22 Different Cute and Funny Ways To Say Goodbye To Anyone

Saying byes to people is always a hard-hitting verdict for us. Especially when you have to say bye to the person, you love with all your heart and soul. You can use numerous ways to say goodbye. Some of them are.

Slang ways to say Goodbyes

When you are talking to someone close, you mostly use slang words to show frankness. In the same way, you can use these slag ideas to say bye-bye.

1) I gotta go

When you are in a hurry, and you have to go somewhere urgently. Gotta is a slang used forgot to. So, you just say I gotta go to the other person.

ways to say I goodbye

2) C’ya

C’ya is used when you are telling another person that hopefully, you will see them again. But right now, you must leave. C’ya is a slang used for seeing you. Most people say it as C’ya soon; see you soon.

3) I don’t wanna see you again

When you are angry at someone, and you don’t want to see them again. So, you just say I don’t want to see you again.

4) I gotta run

When you are getting late but all you can do is say I gotta run and leave them as soon as possible. Run doesn’t mean that you are running towards something. It is a connotation for getting late.

5) Am getting late, bye

In a hurry with someone informal, you may skip some words, but as another person knows you so that they know what you meant to say. By being it is meant that I am getting late. You don’t have to say a sweet bye to that person formally.

ways to say I goodbye

Rude ways of saying byes

If you don’t like someone and you just want to end the conversation between you two. Or you are getting angry at someone, but you can’t show your anger physically. Use words to express your feelings or stop a conversation. Like:

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6) Should I go now?

Saying ‘should I go now’ can be used when you feel fed up of listening to someone’s advice. So, you feel like leaving the room.

ways to say I goodbye

7) You may go now

This can be used in anger. When someone did wrong work, and you cannot show your anger. This could be the way of saying goodbye to them at that time.

8) I should probably go

When you like done with small talks or odd talk, but you cannot say that you are getting bored with this talk. Just say I should probably go.

9) Leave the room now

When you don’t want to see another person’s face because you are angry at them. Use these appropriate words to show them that you want them to leave the room, or it is sort of bye-bye to them.

ways to say I goodbye

Funny Ways Of Saying Bye Bye

Goodbyes are always sad and make you cry. Why not break the stereotype and make goodbyes funny.

10) I am off

It doesn’t mean that you are literally off. It means that you have to go somewhere. You just make things funny by adding such words.

11) Gotta go hon

This can be used in a funny way to say goodbye to others. You can also say gotta go chub. Or gotta go bub. This shows your affiliation and shows your frankness with others.

12) Off you go

Saying off you go is a little bit rude. But if you add words like sweetie, cutie. These words can rather make it funny. Like off you go sweetie, do your work. Or off you go man, I am a little busy. This can replace your typical boring goodbyes into something funny.

Saying Bye-Bye To Your Friend

We all got friends in our lives. Some are good, some are bad. Some are closed ones; some are not. But at some points, we have to say goodbye to everyone, even to friends too. Some of the ways are:

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13) Hey pal! I hope we will meet again soon.

After a good meet up with your friend, you always say goodbye to them with the hope of meeting them soon again. Calling them pal would be lovely and funny too.

ways to say I goodbye

14) I don’t want to say goodbye to you too soon. But I must go.

When some good people surround you, you don’t want to leave that company. Even if you spend days with them. But you have to say goodbye. For this, you should use such words that show some worth for them.

15) Hope to see that beautiful face again.

Meeting your friends is so relaxing. You feel stress-free. But hoping to meet them again remains our desire. You should tell them that their company is so good. And you want to meet them again and again

16) Thanks for your time. I appreciate and looking forward to another meetup.

When you just become friends with someone. And they spare their precious time for you. You must at least appreciate them for being so nice.

You can use these different ways to say goodbye to your friends, family member or colleagues. By using these ways, you can leave a great impression and create a friendly relation.

ways to say I goodbye

Different One-liners to Say Bye

17) It’s not you, it’s me, and I don’t want to devastate your life anymore. You are free to walk away and live your life as you want.

When you love someone so much, but you also think that you will ruin their life somehow. So, you just want to walk away and save them from your thunder and lightning.

18) Don’t make me hate you, just say the truth and step out of my life.

When you know that another person is lying to you, but you still love them and don’t want to hate them but at the same time, you don’t want to live with them anymore. You just want that person to say the truth and walk away.

ways to say goodbye

19) Thank you for letting me know my worth in your life. I just want to say, stay happy and keep smiling.

You love someone, but they treat you like trash. You want to say goodbye to them, but you also want them to stay happy because their smile is the only thing that keeps you alive.

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20) We have to say goodbye to everyone; no matter what. Maybe it’s the right time for us to depart for some good reason.

It is a truth that at one phase of your life you have to say goodbye to people. Whether you stay in this world or you leave this world. You can say this to someone you love, and they are leaving you for something good or leaving this world.

21) I will desperately wait for the moment to see you again.

When you meet your loved ones, but you have to say goodbye to them and wait until next time you meet them.

ways to say I goodbye

22) I don’t want to hate you, who made me a better person and who helped me when I needed someone by my side. I just want to walk away with the same respect you got in my life.

There comes a time when you feel so alone, and you are ruining yourself. Suddenly you meet a person that made your life heaven. But after some time, they start changing their colors, so you must let them go too. But you still got that soft corner and respect in your heart for them as they acted as your better half. You can use these lines for them.

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