How Can I Donate to Animal Shelters?

Donate to Animal Shelters

Dogs are the most loyal friends that you can have, and this is why most people own at least one dog as their pet. Hungry, abandoned dogs on the streets are among the most heartbreaking sights that you will experience, especially if you are a dog lover.

Fortunately, animal shelters whose doors are always open to keep these poor man’s best friends. While many would love to help the rescued dogs at the local shelters, most of them don’t have enough on their budget to share.

The good thing is, there are many creative ways you can donate to a dog shelter. Keep in mind that donating does not always mean giving you money.  So, if you want to help your local shelter but don’t have enough money to spare, below are some ways you can donate to animal shelters.

Create a fundraising campaign on social media

Social media platforms like Facebook are one of the best places to run a fundraising campaign where donors can send their donations directly to the organization. For instance, if it is your birthday, you can host a social media fundraiser, collecting money for your favorite local shelter.

Make a DIY toy or blanket and donate it

You can make a dog happy by donating toys made from household items, such as old socks and shirts. Moreover, most animal shelters need blankets or anything that the rescued animals can use to curl up.

If you don’t have old blankets at home, you can knit or craft some and give them to shelters to provide the rescued animals with a comfortable place to sleep.

Volunteer your time and skills

Shelters could always use some help from professionals. Carpenters can help in building or repairing animal houses and beds or anything that needs renovating.

Professionals like lawyers and accountants can lend their hands as well. Shelters need some help on their legal papers, copyright on advertising materials, and contracts. Moreover, shelters also need help in the organization of fees paid by grants, donors, and adopters and balancing expenses for the rescued animals.

Regardless of your profession, you can always check your local animal shelters and see how you can help them with your knowledge and skills.

Adopt a pet

This is one of the best ways to help an animal shelter. Always choose a pet that has been in the shelter for the longest time, senior pets, or pets with special needs, as finding a new family is harder for these animals.

Foster a pet

If you cannot adopt an animal, maybe you can bring them home and be their family for a few months by being a foster parent. Fosters are crucial, especially to young animals or those who need special care due to health conditions.

Buy A Cuddle Clone

Have you ever heard of the company Cuddle Clones? This company creates custom stuffed animals that look like your pet, and best of all, a portion of every purchase goes to benefit shelters, rescues, and humane societies all around the country! Just send in your favorite pictures of your furry best friend and a highly trained team of artists creates your plush 100% by hand. Not only do you get the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping shelter pets in need, but you’re also getting an amazing plush on top of it!

Buy one, donate one

If you shop for pet items like food, buy another box or bag of food and donate it to the shelter. Ask the store if they have options where you can leave the item to be brought to the shelter along with other donations. Many pet stores offer this option.

Transport an animal

If your vehicle is safe for animals, you may consider volunteering to transport them to and from vet clinics, fosters, and other locations. Sharing your driving skills and time can ensure that the animals can get to their destinations safely and on time.

Walk a pet

Exercise is vital to animals, especially to dogs. However, some shelters don’t have enough staff to walk all their rescued dogs. Ask the local animal shelter if they are accepting volunteers to do this rewarding job.

Check the shelter’s wish list and grant them

Some shelters keep a wish list of their needed items on their websites or at the physical location. Giving them some items from their wish list will ensure that they will get what they need the most.

Hold your party at the shelter

If you have an upcoming event, like a birthday, anniversary, wedding, or any special occasion, you can host your event at the animal shelter. You can invite all your pet lover friends and ask them to donate instead of buying you gifts.

These are just some of the many creative ways to donate to a dog shelter or any animal shelter. If you can’t spare some of your money, you can always share your time, skills, and knowledge to help them.

Moreover, one of the best things you can do is say “thank you” to the shelter staff. These people are giving their whole hearts to doing their jobs in rescuing all the animals in need.


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