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25+ Cute Ways To Announce Pregnancy To Family In Person

Announcing about pregnancy is the most exciting and difficult thing. We made it easier for you. You can use the following ways to announce pregnancy to family in person.

Funny ways to announce pregnancy

1) Something new is sprouting out soon.

You can say this if you feel shy in front of others, but you have to tell them about your pregnancy. This is the cutest way of announcing the pregnancy.

2) The little munchkin is on its way to our home.

Calling the little ones munchkin is cute and adorable.  In this way, you can easily declare your confinement.

3) OMG, I am pregnant.

This shows your excitement about being pregnant. This also shows your happiness that you are pregnant.

4) Your girl is gonna become mommy now.

This is a different way to announce your pregnancy. You can use this to tell your friends or your closed ones.

5) We have decided to start practicing like a responsible parent now.

You can use this way to give surprise to anyone close to you. This shows that you are becoming parents now and officially announcing it in coin words.

6) I can’t wait to play with my little marshmallow.

Calling your baby as a marshmallow is cute and sweet. You can say this to show your excitement about being a parent.

7) I am already feeling tired about the no sleep days.

It’s a fact that life after babies is so tough and you got no chance of sleeping all day. You don’t even get a proper sleep after babies. You can say this to your close friends.

8) I am so excited about life with a baby.

This shows your excitement and love for the babies. This is another loveable way of announcing your pregnancy.

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Ways To Announce Pregnancy

Announce pregnancy to parents.

9) Guess who is gonna become grandparents?

You can say this to your parents to show your excitement and to give big news about being grandparents.  This is the most exciting way of declaring your pregnancy to your parents.

10) Did someone tell you that you are going to be a grandma?

You can say this to your mother to make her happy by giving her surprising news about she is going to be a grandmother soon.

11) You are going to become grandparents soon.

This is another way of announcing your big news to your parents. You can say this to make them feel cheerful and blissful.

12) How would it be if you become grandparents?

You can also question your parents to know about their feelings regarding being grandparents. This is a different way of announcing the news to your parents.

13) I am so excited to promote you as grandparents now.

You can officially announce the news of getting pregnant with your parents.

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Ways to announce pregnancy to family in person

14) A new baby is on its way.

You can say this to tell the news about the new baby to your family. This is the cutest way to tell your family.

15) We will need some new things for the new baby.

You can say this to your family to surprise them about the new baby. Announcing like this is adorable and astonishing. And this makes everyone happy in your family.

16) A new flower is going to sprout out soon in this house.

As newborn babies are as loveable as flowers, so you can easily compare them with flowers. Or you can also call them marshmallows or something as adorable. This is another sweet way of announcing a pregnancy in front of your family.

17) It’s a baby coming home soon.

You can say this to surprise your family members differently. This surely means that you are so excited about being a parent, and you can’t hold it by suppressing your feelings.

18) You are going to be a daddy now.

You can say this to announce your pregnancy in front of your husband. This makes them happy. Being a father is so delightful. So, this is another cute way of telling him that he is becoming a daddy.

19) Your niece/nephew is coming soon.

You can say this to your sister or brother to surprise them. Specifying gender is so cute and excited for uncles and aunts.

20) Hello aunt, a baby is saying hi to you.

Aunt and niece/nephew relation is so loveable. You can say this to your sister to tell her how much you are excited about a mother and how much you are enthusiastic to see your baby play with her aunt.

21) You are upgrading soon to my uncle.

You can say this to your brother and surprise him that he is going to be an uncle soon. This makes him happy and excited about the news.

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Ways To Announce Pregnancy

Ways to announce pregnancy on social media.

22) Brace yourself, and baby’s pictures are on its way.

You can say this on social media to tell people about your baby. This is a different way of announcing pregnancy to your friends.

23) A new egg is hatching soon.

You can announce this on social media in coined words to tell people that you are pregnant. This is the cutest way of saying this to social media.

24) We are so excited about the new baby adventure.

Saying like this on social media clearly explains that you are going to be parents soon. And you are already preparing yourself for the big adventure of your life.

25) We are due, it can be pink, and it can be blue.

You can say this to tell your social media friends that you are due. This means that you are pregnant and the baby is coming soon, but you are not sure about gender. This is another cutest way of announcing your pregnancy on social media.

26) We did it. A baby is coming home soon.

This is so cheesy, but this is also another cute way of announcing the pregnancy on social media. This means that you have unlocked the achievement and you are so excited about the life ahead.

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Ways To Announce Pregnancy

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