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20+ Cute, Romantic and Funny Ways to Say Goodnight

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There are many romantic but funny ways to say goodnight to our dear ones. We are always looking for creative and unique ideas. Well, here are some:

Funny  Ways to Say Goodnight To a Friend

1) Nighty night

Nighty night is a unique way to say goodnight to your friends. This can alter your typical good night into something funny.

ways to say goodnight

2) Goodnight, horrible dreams

Saying sweet dreams is so typical so you can amend this line by saying terrible nightmares to your closed ones. You are not saying it by heart, but this can change your typical boring good night in a funny thing.

3) Goodnight, sleep tight

When you say people a good night, you can add so many phrases after this. Just like sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite. This makes your goodnight cute and alluring towards others. Goodnight, sleep tight is the common word used by moms and also a simple fun way to say goodnight.

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4) Night Night Buddy

Saying Goodnight is so common. So, you can change that by saying Night Night. Repeating words always makes things more attractive and tempting. That’s why saying Night Night seems a bit funny and endearing.

ways to say goodnight

5) Goodnight sleepy head

Some so many people love to sleep, and that’s why they sleep a lot. They called a sleepy head. Saying them goodnight by calling them sleepy head looks funny and this is one of the cute ways to say them goodnight.

Different Romantic Ways to Say GoodNight

Saying goodnight to your loved ones or someone you like is just telling them that you remember them even at the end of the day and you want to end up your day by wishing them goodnight in a romantic way.

6) Goodnight sweetheart

Sweetheart is always an attractive and loveable way of calling someone. Goodnight sweetheart can make them intimate to you, and you can also tell them that they live in your heart even at the end of the day.

ways to say goodnight

7) Sweet dreams love

Wishing someone you love sweet dreams is another way of saying goodnight to the people you admire. And calling them love makes them feel more close and lovely. This can make your bond stronger.

8) I want to end my day with you

This is the best way of reminding someone that they are essential to you, and you want to end your day with them. This means that their presence gives you peace and you feel comfortable with them, that is why you want to end your hectic day with them.

9) Goodnight honeyBunch

Another way of showing someone that they mean a world to you just calls them with attractive words like a honeyBunch, sugar plump. This makes your saying goodnight to them cute and fascinating.

ways to say goodnight

10) Goodnight, sweet dreams of me

This is the most romantic way of saying goodnight to your loved ones. Wishing them goodnight by saying that they would dream of you is so delightful and mesmerizing. This can attract them more towards you.

Different Romantic Things to do at Night with Partner

Actions speak louder than words, we have heard this so many times, but actually, it works. Our actions become the reason to strengthen or weaken relations. Therefore here are a few things you can do with your partner and say goodnight in a different style.

11) Talk to each other

Sometimes we are looking for someone with whom we can share anything openly and freely. So, we should think about why I cannot be a person who can comfort the partner just being a good listener? In this way, if we console our partner, they will feel relax.

12) Send messages

We are living in a world of mobiles nowadays. Communication has become fast and easy because of cell phones. Before going to sleep if one sends or wish good night, it will leave a positive impression. It will show one’s affection and care towards one’s partner.

13) Call by sweet nicknames

Everyone enjoys it if any sweet and cute nickname given to them. Wish them goodnight by providing a different loving nickname.

14) Sing a song

Music touches the soul. It is the best way to express feelings. So sing any song for your partner and say goodnight.

15) Say Good Night By giving hugs

Hugs are the best way to show affection, do give a hug before and say goodnight. It will be a kind and loving gesture for your partner. It will give a sense of acceptance.

16) Decorate a room with lights

A room lightened with different soft lights will bring sweet sleep.

good night

17) Put a love note in the pocket of her sleeping suit

Put a love note in the pocket of her sleeping suit, and when he/she put her hands in a pocket, they will found that note. Don’t forget to express your love feelings and mention your name with a smiley face at the bottom of the note.

Funny Things to Do at NightTime

There are fun ways to say goodnight to our dear ones, here are the best:

18) Goodnight by clown or ghost

For children, there are many movies or cartoon characters which they like. It will be funny and attractive for them if one night they found their favourite clown, ghost, or cartoon coming to them and wish good night.

19) Sing a poem

There are many poems for children. It is one of the cute, funny ways to say goodnight by lying beside them and sing a verse of their choice or any goodnight poem. Usually, children fall asleep by listening to a poem. Kids are waiting for such a way to receive a goodnight message.

20) Read a book

Children love listening to stories by their elders. So, grab a storybook with an exciting story and read for them.  Else you can tell any of your childhood incidents with your parents; they will enjoy it.

21) Courageous messages

Children always look for our attention. That’s why they do different things just to seek attention. Sometimes their actions are positive and some other time negative. This is why tell them before their sleep that how important they are. Show your care and affection so they can feel it. It will be best to say goodnight to them.

22) Strong Pillow fight

Pillow fight is a funny but romantic way to say goodnight. You will get tired enough to get a good sleep. Keep one thing in mind, don’t take a pillow fight to an extreme level, which hurts someone or break something. Use the soft pillows. It will not hurt anybody.

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