Hiring Skip Bins in Adelaide – Here’s What You Need to Know

Hiring Skip Bins in Adelaide

When should I use a skip bin?

If you live in Adelaide, you’ll already be aware of the local dumps and council collection options for your excess waste.

Whilst these can be great in certain situations, it must be said that going to and from the dump is hardly the best thing to do when you’re already busy.

Most of the times when you need a skip bin are also the times when you might be under extra pressure already.

There are many circumstances in which Adelaide skip bin hire can make your life much simpler! We all know that council collections aren’t the most generous when it comes to size and there are also tight restrictions on what you can and can’t put in your general weekly refuse collection.

A recycling or green organics bin which is found to contain unsuitable materials can be problematic enough to contaminate an entire truck load. This may result in it all going to landfill.

It’s not difficult to sort and contain your household waste into the appropriate receptacles at home but sometimes, there’s just too much rubbish.

When there’s too much rubbish to deal with, most households and almost all businesses will require more than an average sized bin for their waste.

Different types of waste, different types of skip bin

Skip bins in Adelaide are used to dispose of any large amount of waste and typically, a different type of skip is used depending on which category the waste falls into.

The categories are general waste, green waste, concrete/brick, mixed waste and soil/dirt.

Many circumstances call for the use of a skip bin, from renovation to gardening. moving house or upgrading a kitchen or bathroom. A skip bin can take a lot of work off your hands.

If you’re thinking of hiring a skip bin in Adelaide, it’s important to know not only which category of skip bin you will need, but also which size. Let’s look at the different types and sizes of skip bins that are available.

Marrel Skip Bins

Marrel Skip Bins

Marrel skip bins are the most used type. They’re the ones you’ll see most often in and around your local streets.

Sizes generally range from 2 cubic meters to 17 cubic meters. Marrel skips can be used for domestic or for commercial waste.

When hiring a Marrel skip bin, an access clearance area of 3m is needed so that the skip can be conveniently lowered into its position. This can be tricky in tight spots or places which are partly under cover.

Hook Lift Skip Bins

Hook lift skip bins range from 4 cubic meters to 30 cubic meters and are often used to dispose of commercial waste though they can be used for domestic waste as well if there are large quantities to deal with.

Mini Skip Bins

Mini skips in Adelaide range from 2 cubic meters to 4 cubic meters and are easy and convenient when it comes to disposing of smaller amounts of waste. A mini skip bin can be a great option if you’re just having a clear out and need a little extra space for your rubbish.

Trailer Bins

Trailer bins range from 3 cubic meters to 4 cubic meters. These bins come with a lockable lid and can be used on council land without a permit. Trailer bins are convenient when it comes to waste in difficult to reach areas however, you can only dispose of general waste, light green waste and light building waste.

Do I need a permit for a skip bin in Adelaide?

In general, you won’t need a permit if you’re planning on having the skip bin placed on your own land. When a skip bin needs to be placed on public land, then a permit may be necessary.

What most Adelaide councils say about the hire of skip bins is that you are allowed to apply for permission to place the skip bin on your council road verge if necessary but that it is recommended that you apply at least 2 weeks prior to the date you need the skip bin to be delivered.

Most councils do their best to process all requests quickly but also remember thar your permit, if issued, will need to be signed by you and your Adelaide skip bin supplier.

You should also bear in mind that supporting documents will be needed for your application and they are usually as follows –

  • A site map detailing the proposed location of the storage container in relation to the road verge.
  • Evidence of public liability insurance to a minimum of $10 million from the Supplier Company.
  • Evidence of payment of non-refundable prescribed fee temporary mini skip $92.00 OR temporary storage container $140.00. Include your receipt number as evidence.

This might vary from council to council so be sure to contact your local council well in advance to check the requirements.

If you’re in doubt or need additional support, contact your Adelaide skip bin supplier to learn more.

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