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How does Fire Alarm System Work?

How does Fire Alarm System Work?


Working on a fire alarm system is not as tricky as it seems. Fire alarms work by using sensors, which are wired, and some are wireless as well. It is challenging to understand that how these systems work. So if you are a business person or have owned any commercial area for your business, you must install it.

Here I will explain the critical parts of the fire alarm and their working. So its work is elementary to understand for our protection.

Major Parts of a Fire Alarm

The significant parts of a fire alarm are sensors, like heat sensors, smoke sensors, and carbon mono oxide sensors. The other part is a buzzing system of the notice, fire alarm control panel, and the primary power supply. It’s important to remember that all of these systems need to be inspected regularly. You can do that by using reputable fire inspection software.

Sensors of a Fire Alarm

The sensors of the fire alarm work amazingly. The heat sensor detects the heat at a specific limit. When heat production exceeds this limit, it will notify the workers to escape immediately, the same as the other sensors work. When these sensors exceed their limit, they inform the workers about a hazardous risk.

Buzzing Systems of a Fire Alarm

Fire alarm system buzzers when it detects smoke, carbon mono oxide, or heat. It gives notification to the workers in audio, and it also provides video recordings of the location where the fire occurs. Some fire alarms Atlanta have a system that records a voice message and alert the workers in the factory. It will also give warning to the workers as flashlights.

Main Fire Alarm Panel

The central panel of the fire alarm is the essential part of the alarm. It is user-friendly. A user can use it for monitoring the situations of the entire building. This principal part reports as the whole of the building. It has a screen, and a person can watch from there directly.

We see a visual image of the location where a fire risk occurred on this panel. So it plays a significant role in the fire alarm. This part of the fire alarm is responsible for sending an emergency call to the fire brigadier.

Power Supply to the Fire Alarm

The power supply is significant for its 24/7 working. Companies and factories should connect a generator to the fire alarm so that it works well. 20 V battery is necessary for it’s working. A generator will supply more power to the system to make it efficient.

Conditions of the Fire Alarm

There are three main situations of a fire alarm system. We often see these three situations in the alarm system.

The first and the original state of the alarm system is Normal. When all the devices of the system working correctly, they will be in average condition. There is no notification of danger or no sounding of the alarm for warning the workers.

The second state of the fire alarm system is an alarm condition. With its alarm form? So whenever a fire alarm system detects any risk of fire, any danger, or any anti-safe situation, it will come in its alarm state.

The system makes a sound to inform all the, workers to leave the place; it gives the location of that place where there is the risk of fire on its monitoring screen.

The third state is the troubled state. This state comes when a fire alarm system will face any wear and tear inside the system. Sometimes troubleshoot, and the system cannot work correctly. So there is in a repair condition so that this condition will be a trouble condition. You may face any of these three conditions but don’t worry, fix it from the professional as soon as possible.


In conclusion, I have explained the brief working system of the fire alarm. You may get an idea of its working, and it is simple. But if you face any problem contact professional for the help. We are also here to serve you. CFA Atlanta experts are available to provide you with their services.

We are installing the security systems and cables in houses, commercial areas, business buildings, and at any place where the customer wants. Please stay connected with us for further guidance. If you face any trouble, contact us, we are available 24/7 just for you.

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