How You Can Go the Extra Mile With Your Mother’s Day Gifts This Year

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Mother’s Day is around the corner, and it’s time to start thinking about how to knock it out of the park with your gift. If you want to go beyond cards and flowers this year, then you’ve still got time to sort out an epic present that’ll leave your mom in absolutely no doubt about just how special she is to you.

Whether you want to splurge on something truly spectacular or are on a budget this year, there are loads of options out there to help you go the extra mile with your Mother’s Day gifts this year – and below, you’ll find the pick of the bunch!

Personalized Rings

For a gift that positively exudes the wow factor, give your mom a personalized ring this Mother’s Day. Choose from sterling silver, rose, or yellow gold band, and have your mom’s name, initial, or a message engraved on the metal. Alternatively, opt for a ‘cut-out’ style that makes your mom’s name or simply the word ‘mom’ part of the band itself.

For a really lovely piece of jewelry, consider mixing and matching personalized rings to make a sweet and contemporary-looking stack; have the name of each of your siblings inscribed on each individual ring, or opt for the birthstones of each of your mom’s kids.

This is a timeless gift that your mom will love to wear for years and makes for a stunning Mother’s Day offering.

Afternoon Cream Tea

Treat your mom to a luxury cream tea at a beautiful venue – not only is this a thoughtful present, but it is an opportunity to spend some quality time together making memories. You can either opt for a voucher to give your mom on Mother’s Day or book in advance and surprise her on the day itself.

For extra effervescence, upgrade to a champagne cream tea, or arrange a surprise trip to the spa after you’ve enjoyed your treats.

Handmade Gemstone Soap

As we’ve said, the best gifts don’t necessarily need to cost the Earth. Like these beautiful and unique handmade gemstone soaps, which are both easy and inexpensive to make – and the result looks and smells divine, too! Look online for the recipe and method you need to make these stunning soaps – why not make a few bars, place them in a pretty box with straw, and tie it all up with twine to up the sweetness ante?

There are lots of other easy-peasy recipes for homemade soap online, so have a look and whip up a handful of bars for a present with real personal touch.

Bath Caddy with Extras!

If your mom loves unwinding in a deep bubble bath, then a sleek, modern bath cubby in dark wood is a perfect gift. Take it to the next level by stocking it with all her favorite bath treats, such as a luxurious exfoliator, soothing bath salts, and creme body wash.


And to make it a Mother’s Day treat that’ll never be beaten, hide a voucher for a massage, facial, or pedicure in the caddy for your mom to find!

Bespoke Perfume Creation

If you really want to push the boat out, then opt for a Perfume Creation experience for your mom. Typically, these sorts of experiences will involve the lucky recipient enjoying an extended, relaxed appointment with a professional perfumer who will guide them through every step of the process, which usually starts with choosing the component scents from a wide range of base fragrances.

The perfume created will be hand-blended, and, best of all, in the future, your mom will be able to pay an additional fee for a refill of their unique and one-of-a-kind fragrance.

Wood-Burned Handwritten Chopping Board

This is a gift like no other. Dig out your mom’s favorite recipe (or perhaps you know it by heart!) and hand write it on a piece of paper to have it burned into your choice of a wooden chopping board for a present that’ll amaze and delight your mom. Every board represents a unique and precious piece of family history.

The nature of these boards, and the craft that goes into their creation, means that you’ll have to plan a little in advance to get this gift to your mom on time for Mother’s Day – plan for it to take about three to four weeks to be delivered once your order’s in.

Perfect Timing

And, last, on the list but by no means list, consider gifting your mom a stylish watch this Mother’s Day.

Take some time to reflect on your mom’s style preferences to help you choose the perfect watch that she’ll love to wear every day; think about the type of jewelry that is her go-to accessory and the colors she wears most, clothes-wise, to help you pick.

It’s handy to know that the standard strap length for a woman’s watch is about 19.5 to 21cm – to help you gauge whether you’ll need to get extra links added or removed, see if you can surreptitiously get hold of one of your mom’s bracelets to measure.

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