Live Streaming Continues to Grow, 5G Will Revolutionise the Tech

Having exploded into the mainstream at the start of the decade, live streaming has only become more prevalent in the years since. By 2021, the global live-streaming market was already being valued at over $1 billion, but with rapid continued growth, it’s set to eclipse $2.6 billion early next decade. From social media to business applications, sports to online product enhancements, live streaming is already enjoying a diverse range of uses, but there’s much more to come.

The next generation of the internet, 5G, is still on the way. Available in some capacities in dots around the world, its widespread adoption will take several years. However, its emergence will not only make for faster and more reliable internet use, but it could open a bunch of new ways for businesses to offer online products.

Working on 5G-enhanced live streaming

There’s a lot of scope for the already quite data-intensive tech of live streaming to build outwards and offer even more to the experience. Now, some will say that the live experience is so popular because you’re just immersed in the moment and the reality of what’s on show. Still, not everyone will need to access the kind of enhancements that 5G could bring to live streams, with the idea of a 5G Tier of sorts already being touted for those who want more information and a kind of VIP or executive experience.

T-Mobile US is seemingly going all-in on capitalizing on the new scope of 5G in live streaming. This is particularly a focus in conjunction with live sports. Among the possibilities touted by the company, footage from 5G drones seen in real time, AR and VR applications during matches, and even more footage angles and locations that can be flicked between on one platform in an instant all sound rather appealing. Key to this extra tech being used would assumedly be a new payment tier that unlocks all of this 5G-enabled live content.

Of course, for everyday live streaming, it’s predominantly a feature of the social media experience. Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Discord, and Twitch are all major sources of live connections online. Whether it’s to do a small event, showcase what’s going on, or engage in general conversation, people love live streams from their peers and the more followed channels. On these platforms, extra capacity to add in aspects like filters, stat boxes, other such overlays, and different backdrops could make live streams even more customizable, but the priority right now is enhancing the safety of live streams. With 5G, better and faster monitoring could be put in place.

Enhancing live-streaming options

Most notably, a major OTT streaming platform has recently been trying to work the live-streaming angle. While Netflix does already have stacks of shows to watch, the company sees live streaming as a way to expand the service. In March 2023, it seemed to have hit the ground running, with Chris Rock and the SAG Awards ceremony going quite well. Then came Love Is Blind, which just didn’t work. Technical difficulties were cited, but those seemingly were too much to overcome and, eventually, the live special was pulled.

5G has the potential to alleviate these teething pains that Netflix has sometimes experienced with its live streams. The next generation of the internet could also greatly enhance the options for customers on existing live products. With both Pragmatic Play and Evolution Gaming listed among the top casino game providers that offer live games by casinosbonusca, the two should be exploring the potential for expansion with 5G. Already, a good amount of overlay information is provided, and the games are played in real time. However, stronger streams, better quality, and even more options for the players could be on the table, especially for a new series of live game shows.

Twitch may have some more competition these days, such as from Kick, but it’s still the big one for live-streaming creators. For now, it’s focussing on more helpful additions and hitting trends, such as with its Discovery Feed to help smaller channels and short videos, like the ones on YouTube and TikTok. When 5G becomes more widespread, many will look to Twitch to innovate the live formula, which, like with live casino gaming, could include more real-time interactivity options.

So, overall, live streaming has risen to prominence at the perfect time to capitalize on 5G quickly.

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