Online Games That Have Spawned Countless Remakes

Remakes, sequels, and prequels are all the rage on TV and the big screen, as directors and producers always feel safe in returning to brands and concepts that are already successful on streaming platforms and in cinemas.

The trend is also prevalent in the online gaming space, with lots of gaming franchises having become global icons and spawning a whole raft of accompanying merchandise, including their very own movies, books, and soundtracks.

Here we detail some of the varieties of game that have lent themselves to being adapted and reimagined so that a whole new generation of gamers can enjoy their intricacies.

Classic games like chess are constantly being revamped to keep them fresh and interesting for players

Classic Games of the Past

One sub-genre of the online gaming realm that has seen no end of remakes and gaming spin-offs is that of classic games. Titles that fall into this category include the likes of online chess, that’s found at Chess.com, table games, like the variants of roulette Betway runs, and even the traditional Japanese puzzle game Sudoku. All these providers, along with a great number of their rivals, have gone a step further than simply offering a version of the original base game, and have taken the time and effort to provide a huge array of variants.

In the case of chess, this can come in the form of versions like Blitz Chess and Rapid Chess, whereas puzzle games like Sudoku now have variants like the Killer Sudokus that boast significant tweaks to the gameplay and arithmetic involved. The main thing that new chess variants have been at pains to do is to increase the speed with which moves are made. This is different from fresh roulette variants, which tend to be more about offering additional ways to wager on the spinning wheel, as well as ways to interact with online live dealers.

Adventure Games People are Willing to Explore for Ever

Another genre of game that has always made a flawless transition from gaming niche to entertainment mainstream is that of the adventure-based video game. These have come in many forms, such as Tomb Raider, Assassins Creed, and Final Fantasy, to name but a few.

The reason such games have had so many new titles added to their series is because the longer an in-game adventure goes on, the more attached to the game’s protagonist a gamer becomes, with that same player then pining for the adventure to continue, potentially in a new land or epoch.

Of course, once such games have had three, four, or more sequels developed, then the likes of movie production companies and TV series developers get interested, quickly realizing there is a strong follower base that they can tap into with a motion picture or TV series.

Tomb Raider is just one of the games that has gone on to transcend the gaming industry

Gaming Company Figureheads

There are some online games that mean so much more to the company that first gave life to them. These are games like Super Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Donkey Kong, all of which came to be iconic for gaming goliaths like Nintendo and Sega, to the point that such companies had no option but to keep the franchises running for eternity.

This has led to an insane number of games dedicated to these iconic characters and has seen Mario do everything from feature in puzzlers all the way through to racers like Mario Kart. Sega attempted to do the same with Sonic, but for one reason or another, people began to fall out of love with the blue prickly one. That has not stopped people from across the entertainment world trying to revitalise the character, and it probably won’t be long before a brand spanking new Sonic the Hedgehog game appears online.

Sports Games – A New One for Every Season

Part and parcel of being a sports fan these days is heading out to pick up a copy of your favourite sport competition’s accompanying video game. This is because, each season, companies like EA Sports produce a new title for the NBA, NFL, or English Premier League, so that teams and players are kept up to date, and gamers can feel like they are constantly a part of the action.

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