Seven Stones to Stand or Fall

Seven Stones to Stand or Fall

Seven Stones to stand or fall is an outlander series. Outlander is a series of fantasy historical novels by American author name Diana Gabaldon. Gabaldon started the first volume of the series, Outlander, in the 1980s, and it was published in 1991. She has published 8 out of a planned 10 volumes.

Gabaldon fans looking for the ninth installment of the major Outlander series will be thrilled with this cheerful snack of seven novellas, which fill in narrative gaps and explore the lives of a few of the series’ secondary characters มูเตลู

The Custom of the Army

After a high society electric-eel party leads the way to a duel that ends badly, Lord John Grey feels the need to stay low for a while. Efficiently, Lord John receives an urgent summons, prior starting his new commission in His Majesty’s army.  Charlie Carruthers, an old friend from the military, is facing court-martial in Canada, and has called upon Lord John to set out as his character witness. Grey voyages to the New World—a land rife with savages and cleft by war—where he soon determines that he must secure not only his friend’s life but his own.

The Space Between

The Space Between, is completely different from the first. It is set around the time of An Echo in the Bone, and Michael Murray (one of Jenny and Ian’s sons) and our protagonists this time is Joan MacKimmie (as Laoghaire’s daughter). Michael is escorting Joan to Paris where she’s to become a nun, however on their arrival they become entwined with the sinister Paul Rakoczy, a character who has earlier appeared in the series under a different name. I found this story very enjoyable; it was pretty good to meet old friends again and also to learn about the time travel aspects of the series. I think it is funny that in the first Outlander novel, Claire’s ability to time travel appeared to be something unusual, yet by this point in the series almost everybody is doing it.

A plague of Zombies

In this series, Lord John is sent to Jamaica, charged with running down a slave rebellion. Slaves and snakes are the least of it, and when the island’s Governor is found in his bedroom, dead and slightly gnawed, Lord John finds out himself the military governor of Jamaica. He also finds himself in the middle of something much more scaring than a slave revolt; something to be faced alone, weaponless and barefoot, in a lightless cave where the water’s dripping hides the sussurus of scales.

A leaf on the Wind of All Hallows

Next volume is, A Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows, in which answer of the question is given that what happened to Roger’s father, Jerry MacKenzie, a Spitfire pilot whose plane fell over Northumberland during World War II. This captivating story, another which involves time travel, provides a different point of view on an episode from Written in My Own Heart’s Blood which we’ve already read from Roger’s perspective. I enjoyed this one as Roger is my favourite Outlander characters and I found it interesting to learn about his parents.


In Virgins, we follow the adventures of Jamie Fraser, (his age is about 19), and his best friend named Ian Murray (Aged 20), as young mercenaries in France in 1740. Young man hasn’t killed a man and not bedded a woman, and they are rather worried about going to hell. The probability for all 3 rise directly when they are hired to notice a young Jewish bride and the priceless Torah that’s her dowry from Bordeaux to Paris, and find out more along the road.

A fugitive Green

A Fugitive Green is a novella. It follows the exploits of Minnie Rennie, a 17-year-old trainee dealer in rare books sent from Paris to England by her father to get medieval and incunabula books of devotion—and whatever secrets of political interest or finance may come to hand in the process. In her business course, although, Minnie meets Harold Grey, the newly-widowed Duke of Pardloe, and their interests become entwined.


Finally, there is Besieged, a sort of addition to Plague of Zombies. Lord John is in Jamaica, however he has received news that his mother is in Havana, which is about to become the centre of a battle between Spain and Britain. Heading for Cuba to rescue her, John determines that he’s too late to avert the British invasion and the siege which follows. Similar to the other Lord John stories, this is set at an interesting moment in history, however the story itself wasn’t very memorable.

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