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08+ Cute, Funny Notes and Ways to Say Happy Birthday

Sometimes it is very hard to wish someone on their special days. You can not just give them a present to make them smile. For this, you must do something special. You have to wish them in a different way and that is how you can make their birthdays special. There are numerous ways to say happy birthday. Especially when it comes to your friends you can say anything funny and can bring a smile on their face. Some of the ways are:

Funny ways to say happy birthday

You can wish a happy birthday to your closed ones in many ways. You can make them happy by saying something funny and special or you can wish them in a sarcastic way. Like;

1)  Wish Birthday when someone is angry with you

  • Happy birthday angry bird. We bicker, we argue, we quarrel, we fight, we scream, we fall out, we bother each other, we look like enemies. Nevertheless, you got a special place in my heart. Stay angry.

way to say happy birthday

2) Wish Birthday when someone is so close to you

  • Happy birthday to the person with whom I can spend hours backbiting others, with whom I can talk through eyes, and the one who can listen to my lame talk for hours and respond as if I am talking something creative. Stay happy, Stay same.

3) Saying happy birthday to the loved ones

  • The clique real small but we are making big moves. Happy birthday to the love of my life.

4) Wishing birthday to your brother

  • God smiles on my little brother, Inside and out he is better than I am
  • Wishing you a very happy, cheerful birthday. Have a great one.

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5) Saying happy birthday to your husband

  • Happy birthday to the husband who has the best wife in the world. May you have many more. I wish your day would be as great as I am. Waiting for the auspicious dinner.

way to say happy birthday

Funny ways to say happy birthday through texts

In this busy world, the best way of keeping yourself in touch with people is through text messages. No matter how far you live you can send them texts. You can also wish them on their birthdays through texts in many ways:

6) Wish birthday when someone is far away

  • Staying close or miles apart. You can always be in my heart.
  • I can’t sing a birthday song for you in my melodious voice, but I can send you some wishes to make your day bright like a shining star.
  • Close your eyes and make a wish and hope for all good things to come to you. It’s your birthday and I can’t be there, but I’ll send you a birthday wish and little prayer. May your special day have surrounded with pizzas, filled with chocolates, wrapped with gifts, brightened with party poppers, blessed with love, remembered by my wish and enriched with some good pictures. You are special ok? How I wish we never grew up to live far away from each other. Have a fun packed birthday.

way to say happy birthday

7) Wish birthday when you can’t see someone on their birthday

  • Happy birthday to you. I am sorry I can’t be there with you to make your day memorable but no matter how distant you are I can still count on you like 4 3 2 every time. Have a wonderful day.

8) A birthday note when you both are busy with your routines

Phew, it’s your special day and you are far away. But no matter what this day will remain so special for me because God sent you as a gift on this planet to make this world more beautiful. I am reflecting on all the wonderful memories we’ve built together. Our funny unstoppable talk, weird pictures, the way we used to fight and sing together and many more things. OMG, this is making me so emotional. Looking forward to a meetup and yeah, a big grand party. Stay Blessed. Happy Birthday.

way to say happy birthday

Creative ways to say happy birthday to your friend

Friends are the closest and the most important part of your life. As they make your every day special and bright by understanding you. So, at least you must make their birthdays cool and memorable. For this, you can use so many ways.

As DIY is so popular nowadays so you don’t have to buy a typical card. You can make a card by yourself. Or you can also make pamphlets showing their favourite color, favourite food, favourite dessert, and so many other things. You can also wish them as follows:

  • Wishing you a very warm, blessed and wonderful birthday. May you enjoy your day full of love and happiness. Remember you asked me once is there something in my heart that I ever wanted to say to you. There are so many things in my mind and heart, but I found no words to describe how special and important you are to me.
  • I feel so blessed to have you in my life. Happy birthday to my best crime partner and support system. You are the moon to my nights, a good to my bad days, an optimism to my pessimist thinking, a shadow to my light, a better pathway, the best guideline, a sign of hope in my life. Always there to light up my days. May you live a long lovely life ahead.
  • Happy birthday to the person who can bear my mood swings, my dreams, and my traumas. Thank you for Tolerating all the lame things I said to you when I am angry. Wishing you a great life ahead. Stay the same, stay Blessed and keep smiling love.
  • It’s your big day and I just want to say thanks to you. Thank you for making my life heaven on earth. Life would be impossible without you. Thank you for changing my worst days into the best ones. Thank you for all the smiles and happiness. I must say thanks to God for sending such a beautiful angel on this planet and in my life. I found myself lucky to have you in my life.

ways to say happy birthday

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