What does in it for me to get an E2 Visa?

What does in it for me to get an E2 Visa?

Why would I get an E2 visa? Why should I undergo the tedious procedures and go through unsurmountable stresses? Do the benefits outweighs the cost of preparation?

Such questions maybe yours as well when thinking about getting an E2 visa. Besides, the difficulty of passing any visa application for the United States is an undeniable fact. Not all are lucky enough to receive such right of entry and stay on US soil for whatever purpose.  

Fortunately, we have this guide to help you in your decision-making and preparations.

What is an E2 Visa?

According to Ashoori Law, an E2 Visa is a non-immigrant Visa applicable to business people, entrepreneurs, and investors who intend to establish a business in the US. 

To qualify, you must be a national of a country with an E2 Treaty with the US. Make a substantial investment in a US business, either as an individual or as a company. And, you take part in controlling and operating the business. 

Not only that, you have to prove that you are still going back to your home country since it is a non-immigrant visa. Thus, it would be best if you established valid circumstances of having strong roots in your country.

What do I get for having an E2 Visa?

Based on the description above, having such a visa entails many benefits, and here are some notable examples.

Have your own business

Upon the grant of an E2 visa, you may now establish your own business apart from the US business where you have invested your money at the initial stages. Specifically, you may expand your local business from your home country in the US. Indeed, such a situation may increase your market and value as well. 

Interestingly, this situation makes you an owner of 2 US-based businesses. The US company you invested in before the E2 visa application and the local business you expanded in the US. 

When all of its blooms, you will undoubtedly benefit very much. 

Make more investments

Also, you can start a new business. Having an E2 visa allows you to make more investments in other US companies. Investing in US companies is a wise financial decision because most US companies are stable. 

Fortunately, it opens more expansion opportunities when you make additional investments. So though your money is at higher risks, it may swing to higher returns. 

Benefits to Family Members

When you or your business has been granted with E2 Visa, your wife and children, under 21 years old, may qualify for the same Visa. As a result, your spouse may apply for authorization to work in the US, and your children may enroll in universities.

Consequently, having a spouse to work may provide additional income for your daily needs. It is crucial since the E2 Visa prohibits you from using your business money for other purposes. 

More extended Stay in the US

In that connection, having a recognized business identity in the US, the federal government does not limit how many times you may extend the Visa. Provided that you should return to your home country once it expires.

Regardless, non-immigrants who hold E2 Visa may stay in the US for more than 15 years. Plus, no requirement to maintain a foreign residence, unlike other types of non-immigrant visas.

Besides, the US economy gains significantly from foreign businesses that have been established and are stable in the US. Foreign companies pay higher taxes which keeps the economy afloat.


Many business people and entrepreneurs are hesitant to get an E2 visa because a lot of them have failed to pass the qualifications. Some doubt if it’s worth investing time, effort, and monetary resources.

However, based on the benefits discussed above, the offer is promising, especially when you qualify. That’s why many entrepreneurs believe that establishing their businesses in the US is an excellent opportunity to boost their brand and company’s value and market reach. 

But, regardless, having one is a ticket for you to propel your business to greater heights. So, take some time and note essential information. Hopefully, it enlightens you, especially if you’re aiming to take the road of business and entrepreneurship in the Americas, 

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