What You Should Know About Certified Nursing Assistant Training

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Looking at entering the medical field? Hoping to help people for a living? Now’s a great time to go through training, as there is currently a shortage of medical professionals. Due to the increasing number of patients and many nurses being around retirement age, the number of jobs for nurses is rising. Globally, nurses comprise half the healthcare workforce, this just goes to show that there are employment opportunities and vacancies in every specialty across the nursing industry.

Nursing assistants are in high demand. To become one, you’ll need to take a certified nursing assistant training course. This article will cover the required steps and help you find new employment and start helping people.

What Is a Certified Nursing Assistant?

A certified nursing assistant (referred to as a CNA) aids patients under the supervision of a licensed practical nurse (LPN) or a registered nurse (RN). They are referred to as a nurse’s aid or a nursing assistant.

Often nursing assistants work in nursing homes, hospitals, or residential care settings.

Nursing Assistant Jobs and Responsibilities

Typical responsibilities for a CNA include helping patients with hygiene, taking medications, and helping them move. Hygiene care can include bathing, helping use the facilities, and other basics, such as brushing their teeth.

They are responsible for helping patients eat and drink, as well as taking their vitals.

Certified Nursing Assistant Training

To become a certified nursing assistant, you need to complete a registered training program. The first consideration you need to make is will you do your training digitally online or will you look for courses in person?

In-person classes are great, as you get to meet other aspiring CNAs, as well as have direct contact with an educator. Online courses are far more flexible however most states require a set amount of in-person hours for training.

For example, Florida requires 24 hours of in-person training to get your nursing assistant certification. You’re also required to pay state fees for your CNA license.

Quality training programs cover these initial licensing fees if you live in the state the courses are in. The ultimate medial academy nursing program is one that offers flexible timelines for training, as well as covering these costs.

Afterward, expect to renew your CNA license every two years, though this may vary from state to state, as do the specific costs of the licensing fees.

How Long Does Training Take?

That’s largely dependent on your schedule. Nursing assistant training takes on average 4-12 weeks.

These programs offer flexible hours, meeting daily, or on predetermined days of the week for a few hours at a time.

If you’re eager to start ASAP, accelerated CNA programs are available. These programs can be completed in two weeks. Expect these to be action-packed weeks, full of 10-12 hour days of learning and training.

Once you’ve finished your training, you’ll earn your certification and be eligible for working as a CNA.

Get Educated and Start Helping People

As you can see, the steps to becoming a CNA aren’t difficult. You need to complete a certified nursing assistant training program, which takes a bit of time and studying. Once you finish, you’ll be good to start looking for CNA work.

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