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Give Your Room a New Look with These 7 Tips

Give Your Room a New Look with These 7 Tips

When your room stops feeling cozy, that may be high time to consider a change. After all, your place has to be your safe haven, make you feel comfortable and protected, bring you positive emotions and help you relax and sleep better. However, even if some time ago your room looked and felt good for you, that might have changed lately.

You may have gotten bored with the interior, or started feeling different emotions, or had a life-changing experience. In such a case, remodeling your room may help you feel more relaxed and happy.

In this article, you’ll find 7 best tips for giving your room a new look. Changing the furniture, repainting, adding new decorations – here is everything you need to know. Read on.

Arrange All Your Furniture in a Way That Makes the Room Look Lighter and Bigger

It’s a known fact that you can easily change the interior of your room by rearranging the furniture. The key to having a spacious-looking room is to make it look lighter. Use light-coloured curtains or wallpapers. Avoid dark colours as they tend to make rooms look smaller. Instead, pick neutral tones such as white or grey. Make sure the floor and walls are well-lit, so no corners stay in the shadows. Add mirrors to brighten the room up as well as give it a bigger appearance.

Play With Your Lighting

The first thing to do when changing the interior of your room is to focus on the lighting. Lighting is crucial for the appearance of any space; it can make it look cosier or more sophisticated, depending on what you choose. You should also consider the brightness of lights, especially if you keep your room dim at night. Consider installing dimmers or lamps which you can control manually, for example, to create a romantic atmosphere for a special occasion. Use habitat discount code to purchase various lights suitable for your room at a reduced price.

Think About Adding Some Color to the Walls

A fresh coat of paint can bring a new life into your room and make it look more stylish. A colour palette is one of the best ways to upgrade your interior design, as colours have the incredible power to change a place and its atmosphere. However, don’t just go for the same old colour again and again, but experiment with different shades. Find out which colours you like and go for them! However, before repainting your walls, consider these factors:

  • Colour – Choose a colour that matches your preferences and the mood of your room. For instance, use blue to create an airy atmosphere in the bedroom or green to give this room a relaxing vibe. Use red to create an energizing environment in your living room or kitchen. Besides, if you want to reduce stress or anxiety, choose light colours like white or grey.
  • Brightness – Dark colours are heavier than light ones. If you’re going to add some brightness to your room, use light colours like white or yellow.
  • Colours that match – Don’t paint all the walls with different colours if they don’t match well together. Choose two walls (for example, one wall behind the bed and one wall opposite) in different tones of the same colour and paint the remaining walls with a neutral colour.
  • Techniques – Consider different painting techniques depending on how much time and effort you want to spend on the process. For instance, stencilling is easier than sponging but looks less natural than sponging. Just remember to take into consideration not only what effect you wish to achieve but also which technique is easiest for you and requires less time to do it correctly.

Make Some Changes to Your Old Furniture

If you feel like your furniture needs an update or doesn’t match your room, then spend some time thinking about ways to improve it. For example, repaint an old chair or replace its fabric cover with a new one or simply paint its legs in a different colour to make it look unique. Or instead of painting your coffee table with a new colour, place a nice vase filled with flowers on it – it will make it look more beautiful and will add a nice scent to your room as well!

Add Some Colour Accents

If you’re having trouble designing your room, don’t forget about colour accents! Use them to break the monotony and add some interest to your space. For example, add some colourful pillows or accessories that will make your room more creative and fun. Especially if you have children who love playing with things, a colourful addition will come in handy! You could also paint your walls with bold colours or use stencils to add a pattern there.

Add Some Decor

No matter how much you love minimalist design, you should never forget about the decor! It adds interest and uniqueness to your place. Alternatively, you can use different decorative elements to decorate your shelves, for example, pictures, figurines, vases, and many other objects you like! If you want a classy feel in your room, then go for small beautiful decorations but don’t overdo it – it’s important not to clutter up space with too many items!

Don’t Overlook Your Storage Space

You may have noticed that sometimes even the biggest rooms feel small because they lack enough places for storing things. So, don’t forget about organizing your space and putting away all those items that are currently staying in plain sight! Install some shelves or drawers where you could put things such as books and clothes; this way they won’t accidentally fall on the floor or block the main area of the room so that it feels less spacious than before!


Giving your room a fresh look doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. It would be best if you decided on what parts of your room you want to change or improve. Then, allocate how much time you want to spend on each task, whether rearranging furniture or painting walls. Invite your friends to help you out; they can also provide you with different ideas on how to decorate your room the best. And the most important thing is that you should enjoy the process; some people find it therapeutic.

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